Chamber Chat with Steve Wood

September 14, 2021 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat with Steve Wood

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all safe and well and had a good break over the summer.  It seems that I traditionally get the January edition and this is my traditional greeting.  A more accurate welcome this time should have been Happy Academic New Year.  For those of us (parents included) in school, college and university September is kind of like New Year, we’ve had our break and now we’re back -  new shoes on and a time for new starts and dare I say new resolutions.  I remember, vaguely, starting school, thinking I only had to go for 1 day and being in shock when I realised I had to keep going back.  I remember starting secondary school in a uniform that big it would have fitted my Dad. My parents said they could see me growing and true enough by the end of the year the trousers had been let down four times and the blazer fitted like Norman Wisdom’s jacket. Eventually, after school and college, off to University and my mother crying as I left for York.

My reminiscences might seem a little light-hearted but the point I’m trying make is that it was a more limed pathway in my time, School – Job or School – Uni – Job. Learners now have the option of apprenticeships, our great College (I’ll declare my interest) and Universities offer a multitude of programmes and opportunities that lead all the way through to Master Degrees.  It’s a way of learning that offers practical application and one I would recommend anyone at any age to consider.

This leaves me to wish everyone the best, stay safe and have a happy, healthy prosperous year ahead