Chamber Chat with Vicky Lofthouse

June 02, 2021 - 12:00am

Chamber Chat with Vicky Lofthouse

A Town's Winning Ways!!

In case you have not heard on Monday 31st May Morecambe Football Club ended their season on a history making high, by being promoted to league one. An amazing achievement and a huge congratulations to everyone involved.

Now you might not follow football, or know the ‘offside’ rule, but its hard to miss such a huge accomplishment right on our doorstep. It has been proven time and time again, right across the nation that a football team’s fortunes can affect the whole town. An affect that creates a positive ripple throughout the entire area.

The win and promotion have given a morale boost to the Club, team, fans and local community, at a time when it is needed most and is certainly something local businesses are grateful for. When morale is high, people spend! It is the middle of half term and I can imagine the treats local kids must be getting as family’s spirits are still high from Monday’s game!

Time will tell but the success of a football club can have a material impact on a city’s economy. You only need to look to Leicester when they became Premier League Champions (I know we are a bit off yet) the takings in the city’s businesses rose significantly. With the economic forecasting group EY estimating that the title triumph contributed a fairly immediate £140m to the local economy. Even a small slice of that would be immense for our area.

So, thank you, Morecambe FC, from all the local businesses, big and small, you did us proud, gave us a much-needed boost and became part of our ever-increasing wave of winning ways.

Now all we need is for England to win the Euros this summer ……. (well a girl can dream can’t she )