Community Safety Partnership

May 21, 2020 - 11:00am

Community Safety Partnership
Community safety continues to be an overriding priority for the city council and its partners as we begin the road to recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Lancaster District Community Safety Partnership (CSP) brings together public, voluntary, community and other organisations to protect local communities to make them feel safe.

It held an extraordinary virtual meeting last week to discuss ways in which it could work with other organisations to assist in the gradual recovery phase of the coronavirus pandemic and what that might mean for the local community.

The special online meeting was attended by representatives from the police, local authorities, fire and rescue service, early years and health services and the voluntary sector as well as other organisations who might be required to play an integral role in supporting communities during the recovery phase.

New partners attending the meeting included Morecambe and Lancaster Business Improvement Districts, chairs of pub watch, Lancaster and Morecambe College and Lancaster University.

Plans are to extend the partnership to other organisations and people that can make a difference to help identify any concerns and issues affecting local communities in relation to coronavirus and how they could be effectively supported.

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