Competent Persons Scheme - feedback sought

August 02, 2022 - 12:00am

Competent Persons Scheme - feedback sought

Plus4 – on behalf of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) – is undertaking an important research survey relating to a proposed Competent Persons Scheme for people in positions of responsibility concerning security. A letter is attached with more detail.

 They are hoping that you will be willing to send/publicise the survey link to businesses in your network – can you help?  We anticipate that in the main, only the first of the two categories would be relevant for the organisations in your area [but you never know!].

To participate they must be:


A person responsible for determining and/or implementing appropriate security practices within an organisation. This may be a business owner, senior manager, or more security-specific roles such as a Security Manager or Operations Manager etc. (= persons in a workplace).  The research is as relevant for smaller organisations as it is for larger organisations, across all non-security sectors (for security sector, see below)


A person who provides technical advice to businesses in matters relating to protective security/preparedness, whether this be in a contractor or consultant capacity (=Security Advisors).  They may be self-employed / freelance / consulting…. but if they are employed (they run or work for a security business), this survey should only be completed by any in-house Security Advisors that they have (or external Security Advisors that you use)

Please feel free to share the letter/survey link with your peers that fulfill either of the criteria above.  They/their organisation will not be named in the report and any information they provide will be treated confidentially.

You can complete the 15-minute survey here: (the link is also in the attached letter).

 The deadline is Sunday 21st August. 

 This survey may also be separately distributed by NaCTSO (if they have registered with them for engagement) and/or in communications from any Trade Associations they are a member of (that we have asked to help)…  but please only complete the survey once!

Download the letter