Connecting Kids Project call out for business partner

January 06, 2021 - 12:00am

Connecting Kids Project call out for business partner

We ar sure you are all aware the new lockdown has once again highlighted the issues of the digital divide across the nation and the issue is being felt here by our primary schools as everywhere else. 

The Northern Powerhouse Partnership  have enjoyed significant success in Sheffield and the North East with some large partners to help collect second hand devices from SMEs and consumers, and refurbish them for distribution to schools. 

In the next day or two they are expecting the call for equipment to explode with some large national campaigns about to go ahead. 

It was agreed that it would be perhaps a good idea to look for a large partner in the North West region who can perhaps work alongside their existing networks to help with distribution, collection, refurbishment and storage of second hand devices, potentially serving as a hub for SMEs in particular to drop of stock to. Currently there are some lovely small pockets of work taking place but a big player helping would be useful. 

If you know anyone that may be worth speaking to, or is currently putting a band together for this sort of thing it may be worth connecting it up. Please drop me a line if you know anyone who may be interested. 

If your company can help, or you know of company that can, please contact Dan Knowles on or direct on

Also, if you have a spare laptop or digital device that you no longer have a need for please donate it.

A link to the previous Connecting Kids effort by Lancaster University