Doing business in.... Singapore & Malaysia

July 14, 2020 - 11:15am

Doing business in.... Singapore & Malaysia

Free webinar - 6th August, 9.00am to 10.00am

As two of Asia’s most popular business destinations, Singapore and Malaysia are constantly pitted against each other in terms of which country makes the better business destination. North and Western Lancashire Chamber International Trade Network’s third workshop will introduce you to these exciting Asian economies.
Among the traits that Singapore and Malaysia have in common include that both countries have been ranked in the top 25 by the World Bank as the best countries in the world to do business.
In partnership with Asia Market Entry our workshop will help you understand the two markets. If you are looking to do business in Singapore or Malaysia, both countries hold promising opportunities, especially if you intend to expand into the South Asian markets moving forward.
Hear from George Lam, Business Development Advisor at Asia Market Entry, a company that helps successful technology businesses to expand into the Asian market with lower risk and high returns. Based in Singapore, with staff in Australia and Taiwan, Asia Market Entry offers outsourced business development, marketing localization and many more services required to navigate growth into this region. Asia Market Entry is Microsoft’s exclusive partner for Geo Expansion into Asia.

This workshop will cover:

  • Introduction
  • ASEAN as an Overview
  • Insight into the Singapore & Malaysia markets
  • Strategies to enter the ASEAN market
  • Growth and Expansion amidst Covid-19
  • Tips and Tricks to navigate the ASEAN markets.

After the presentation we will have a Q&A session. Please submit any questions you may have for our speakers in advance to