Dyslexia awareness training for teachers and SENCo’s

May 25, 2017 - 9:00am

Dyslexia awareness training for teachers and SENCo’s

If you are a dedicated SENCo or a committed school teacher, the chances are you will have taught a student who struggles with reading and spelling. In a classroom of 30, it is estimated that around 5-6 students will have a learning difficulty.

What are the facts?

  • It is estimated that over 6.3 million people in the UK have dyslexia
  • 1 in 5 children leave primary school with below the national expected levels in reading, writing and mathematics
  • 1 in 10 children do not reach the expected national Level 4 in reading by the time they finish primary school

What can I expect?

IDL are holding a number of free CPD Certified dyslexia awareness training sessions across the UK throughout June, 2017. The sessions will last for approximately 2 hours and include a talk by guest speaker Colin Troy. Colin is a consultant, trainer and lecturer specialising in learners of all ages with special educational needs. To read more about Colin click here. There will also be refreshments on the day.

The events cover a range of topics designed to help your understanding of dyslexic children and how to support them at school, including:

•             Understanding the key issues in dyslexia

•             Recognising that dyslexia is a discrepancy not a deficit issue.

•             Identifying strengths in a dyslexic learner

•             Gaining strategies for supporting

•             Multi-sensory support and interventions to help with literacy

•             A list of helpful links and resources

The session will also include a demonstration of IDL Literacy, a literacy and specialist dyslexia support intervention that has been developed to help pupils who struggle with reading and spelling. Schools who currently use IDL have reported that pupils’ reading and spelling ages increase on average by around 11 months after just 26 hours of use. They have also noted improved confidence and self-esteem, which has transferred into other areas of school life.

If you are looking for CPD certified dyslexia training, want to learn more about supporting pupils with learning difficulties or would love to hear more about IDL Literacy and how it could work in your school, you can book your free place at one of our upcoming events here.