Familiar Faces Bring Values-Matched Marketing To The North West

November 09, 2017 - 9:00am

Familiar Faces Bring Values-Matched Marketing To The North West

After operating under the name Arran Eleanor Creative LTD since commencing business in January, the now well-known marketing agency have undergone a transformation in both design and purpose.

Looking to build upon their first-year success, the company have undertaken a full-scale rebrand with their new website going live on November 1st, when they will begin trading under their new name – WestCoastCo.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the rebrand, Managing Director Arran Rigney said: “With our new name, we’re looking to make our brand more about the people we work with, rather than ourselves. We work with so many wonderful people in the North West and we want our brand to be a reflection of that.”

Having established themselves as a values-based marketing agency, they have put their core values at the forefront of their new branding, seemingly looking to connect with other businesses who share their vision. Miss Rigney confirmed this when she said: “Businesses work best together when they share a common philosophy, we want to focus on working with forward-thinking brands, companies and individuals who put people first.”

A new focus on values certainly hasn’t diminished WestCoastCo.’s propensity for producing impressive creative work, their new website showcasing their talents through hand-drawn images and engaging writing. Content Writer Adam Young had this to say about the new design: “We’re a creative agency first and foremost, that’s more apparent now than ever.”

Following the launch of their new site, WestCoastCo. have expanded their range of services to include an on-demand design and content system. Adam explained this by saying: “Start-ups and small businesses aren’t always able to commit to long-term contracts and we wanted to offer solutions to suit all budgets. By offering on-demand services, we hope to make professional-quality content available to everyone.”

WestCoastCo. have certainly carved out a niche for themselves in a highly-competitive marketplace; their championing of local and regional businesses underlining their values-based marketing philosophy and earning them several high-profile clients. Looking forward, it seems likely that their rebrand will reinforce this and bring this new way of thinking to a wider audience.

To learn more about WestCoastCo., their services, and the values which underpin it all, visit their website: http://wearewestcoast.com/