Free Event for Manufacturing, Packing, Assembling and Processing SME's

September 13, 2021 - 12:00am

Free Event for Manufacturing, Packing, Assembling and Processing SME's
Join Pete McOnie of AMRC North West on 28th September at Fraser House, Lancaster to learn if the implementation of technology can boost your businesses performance and if so how you can access support and funding.
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Pete McOnie says,

"Data is part and parcel of our everyday lives, telephones, Sat Navs, Internet Banking, TV etc all are based on data. We get real time data at the flick of a switch or a swipe of a finger. More and more companies are realising the value of real time data in the workplace to better plan, provide better customer service, respond to problems, reduce costs and enhance the bottom line. In essence, future proof the company and protect jobs. This is not just larger companies but SMEs of all sizes from 2-200 employees. An efficient supply chain relies on all links, no matter how small,  performing at the required standard. This is very much in line with Brailsford's Aggregation of Marginal Gains.

I work in and around the sector and find the digital landscape confusing with Social Media awash with solution providers offering a range of services. In my experience there are two key things to successful digital solution selection. 

The first is to identify exactly what you need. What are your requirements? We do this when buying a house or a car. We identify the 'must haves' close to a good school, transport links, good pub, number of bedrooms etc. There is always a compromise but it boils down to priorities and identifying what is most important to you within budgetary constraints.

The second is to thoroughly research the options available. A potential pitfall is lack of time or expertise can tarnish the quality of this research leading to an unsatisfactory solution. As in many walks of life the solution is to task a trusted expert to carry out the research on your behalf. Experts come at a cost, outside the reach of some companies, except in Lancashire where manufacturing/assembling/packing and processing companies can draw upon the 'free to the' funded support provided by AMRC NW. In a nutshell independent, expert advice at no cost. 

Additionally North West manufacturing SMEs can learn from Manufacturing Connect, an initiative that demystifies digitalisation . Like AMRC it is funded and offers the opportunity to learn from SMEs who have trodden the path to digitalisation. Learning from peers can help avoid the pitfalls that come with all new system implementations. 

Once the correct system has been identified there are grants available to support implementation.

Digitalisation does not have to be expensive, avoiding it can be expensive but choosing the wrong system is invariably expensive".


Join Pete for this free event with breakfast provided and learn how you could boost your businesses performance.


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