Great Britain - Imogen Brettell

January 21, 2020 - 12:00pm

Great Britain - Imogen Brettell

I cannot believe we have entered 2020: the start of a new decade and my turn for another Chamber Chat. I really want to talk about the B word, but not the one you’re thinking about. Over Christmas I travelled to the other side of the world - what an amazingly beautiful place New Zealand turned out to be. The thing that surprised me most was how far behind New Zealand is compared with the UK in all sorts of different areas. Coming back to the UK last week I was able to appreciate what an incredible country we have. Britain has so much going for it, but with all the political shenanigans spreading negative attitudes in recent years, it’s hard sometimes to remember what is great about Britain.

As I returned to work, I was reminded of what a wonderful place we live in. With so much positivity, energy, growth and development all around us, I really can’t see that we have anything to grumble about.  I’m especially excited for the start of this year as I begin our annual Academy recruitment drive. It is both satisfying and rewarding to see hundreds of enthusiastic applications from young under-graduates seeking a placement position in our Lancaster office. The deluge of applications from exceptional candidates we receive each year demonstrates the fantastic drive and ambition of so many young people today. Their eagerness to embrace working life is refreshing to see.

It is so important for all local businesses, regardless of our personal political views, to continue to raise the profile of our region and champion our economy and our country - and everything that we love about it.

Let’s all try hard in 2020 to remember what makes Britain great!