Heysham firm supplies the world’s largest pea growing cooperative

November 23, 2017 - 9:00am

Heysham firm supplies the world’s largest pea growing cooperative

Heysham based fuel storage specialists, Fuel Proof Ltd., has partnered with The Green Pea Company to supply the frozen vegetable giants with four new diesel bowsers.

The 1000 litre bowsers will supply diesel fuel to an array of onsite vehicles, including tractors, combine harvesters, lorries and 4x4s, utilised to harvest peas at Nottingham based The Green Pea Company. The bowsers feature a 200 litre stainless steel tank and dispensing equipment for AdBlue.

The Green Pea Company is the world’s largest pea growing cooperative, supplying the biggest pea freezing facility on the planet. The company was formed by amalgamating five previously independent pea producing groups into a single cooperative to streamline the growing and harvesting of peas. This will create a greater flexibility to meet the factory’s intake requirements, with associated improvements in efficiency.

“We’re delighted to have provided a cost effective and vital solution to The Green Pea Company” said Andrew Hargreaves, MD, Fuel Proof Ltd. “Our state of the art bowsers will allow on-site vehicles to run smoothly and efficiently throughout their operations.

“It’s important for large organisations like The Green Pea Company and Birmingham Airport to have a readily available supply of fuel 24/7 in order to run smoothly and cost-effectively. That’s why they have chosen Fuel Proof to supply their fuel storage equipment.”