How different perspectives can accelerate progress

September 01, 2020 - 10:15am

How different perspectives can accelerate progress

For the managing director of Q2Q IT, lockdown was a rather interesting – and fulfilling – time. Without the option to attend networking events or be on the road visiting clients, Lorna Stellakis spent hours joining virtual meeting rooms, sharing inspiration, frustrations, and fears with her peers.

As any SME boss will testify, one of the challenges of running a small team is often the lack of expertise in areas such as finance, marketing, or HR. Yet, it’s impossible to afford a full-time member of staff to bridge the gap.

While you might have someone in the team who once said they love playing computer games or rebuilt an original Apple Mac, that shouldn’t make them the default ‘IT guy’. Nor should essential printer maintenance fall to the person who sits closest to the machine.

Read why a new perspective could help provide the answers you perhaps didn’t even know you were looking for.