How to keep connected when the world feels a little disconnected - Lorna Stellakis Q2Q

April 28, 2020 - 11:45am

How to keep connected when the world feels a little disconnected - Lorna Stellakis Q2Q

It’s an understatement to say that things are up in the air and rather ‘unfamiliar.’ Really, we’re all so used to the ‘norm’, that panic ensues when anything doesn’t happen as expected – and, at the moment, there’s a hefty dose of the unforeseen.

And, in times like these, it’s more important than ever that your customers and staff feel supported, connected and valued. So, how can the right IT support team help keep this communication flowing? MD of Q2Q IT, Lorna Stellakis, explains…

If your business is one where colleagues can work from home, an effective – and secure – remote working set-up is going to be key to ensuring business as usual, or rather ‘unusual’, can continue. Of course, our ‘residential arrangement’ was never meant to handle daily video conferences and a mountain of emails – bit these little ‘tech hacks’ may help:

1. Improve Wi-Fi signal – one of the most frustrating issues for remote workers is an unreliable internet connection. So, make sure your router is plugged into your master phone line socket and that it’s unobstructed – you’ll then receive the strongest, most uninterrupted source of ‘power’ for the device.

2. Disconnect unused devices – with the Internet of Things keeping our everyday lives connected, it’s vital to turn the Wi-Fi off on any appliance you aren’t using, e.g. a mobile phone or tablet. This will improve your router’s bandwidth capabilities – aka the amount of data that can be transmitted throughout the internet connection at any one time.

3. Remain vigilant – at the moment, COVID-19 is the issue on the minds of the nation, but the truth is that from any vulnerable situation, there are hackers and cyber criminals out there looking for ways to exploit businesses. Keep your eyes peeled for the usual phishing email signs and try to keep your work and home devices separate, where possible.