Information from the British Chambers of Commerce

November 28, 2018 - 8:00am

Information from the British Chambers of Commerce

Following the publication of the proposed Brexit agreements, the BCC have produced a briefing on their website to help businesses understand potential changes under different Brexit scenarios. It measures the level of clarity for business that the proposed Brexit agreements provide against their Risk Register and Business Preparedness Checklist. They have also produced an FAQ page, outlining what the agreements mean. The links to these materials can be found in the survey below.

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The British Chambers of Commerce is working closely across government departments to gain further clarity on the issues that matter to business. As the political process develops and as further information becomes available, they will be updating these materials.

Your views

They are seeking your business views on the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration in a 1-minute snap poll , which can be entered below. Your views will help the BCC further shape their thinking at this crucial moment.

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