Is your business social media savvy?

August 31, 2017 - 9:00am

Is your business social media savvy?

Joanna knew her business needed to be visible on social media to engage with her clients, share important news and attract new customers, but she was overwhelmed. Why were there so many platforms to choose from? What features does Instagram have which Facebook lacks? How often did she have to post on LinkedIn? What on earth is Pinterest? When she booked her first social media training session, she admitted to feeling overwhelmed- But now she's a social media savant.

"Rebecca helped me to set up some social media for my business and was great." She smiled. "Social media is not my area of expertise, but Rebecca made it very straightforward. She gave me simple instructions, good tips and the confidence to take it on and have a go."

Today, half the population of Britain are on Facebook. 6000 tweets are posted every second.
Instagram users like 4.2 billion photos every day.

Social media accounts connect people around the world and are an unprecedented opportunity for businesses both large and small, but learning how to run social media accounts often takes up hours of your time, which could be spent more productively.

According to Rebecca Samuels, the owner of RMS Virtual Assistant, "Often, social media seems scary, especially to new businesses who want to make sure they're doing it 'right', but to put it simply, it's the best way to connect with people regularly in a way they understand, and make them comfortable with your brand."

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