Join LBV to lead the debate on the future of exports for Lancashire

August 06, 2019 - 11:00am

Join LBV to lead the debate on the future of exports for Lancashire

Lancashire’s exporters are flying the flag across the globe as they continue to open up valuable new markets to exploit. In a post-Brexit world finding new parts of the world to sell Lancashire’s quality goods and services will be increasingly important for its economic wellbeing.

We will look at emerging markets, such as the powerhouses of China and India, the opportunities they offer and discover if Lancashire is where it needs to be to make an impact.

Our Insight event will also discuss what other parts of the globe we should be looking at and how to gain access to those markets. We’ll also ask what are the sectors that can make real inroads.

For this special event we will bring together Lancashire’s exporters and support organisations to discuss the opportunities and threats going forward.

If you are an exporter, or want to be this is a must-attend event.

If you can support Lancashire’s exporters in any way and would like to discuss the opportunity of being on our panel and supporting this event, please contact Stephen Bolton on 01254 297871.

Lancashire Business View will report from the event and use the insight to produce its Export Report in an extended feature in the September/October edition of the magazine.

Debate one: The exporters

We’ll have key representatives from a range of businesses across Lancashire. We’ll get under the skin of their challenges and hear tips and advice on how to export successfully. And we’ll ask them if Lancashire is making in roads in emerging markets such as China and India.

Debate two: The export supporters

We’ll gather together those organisations set up to support businesses in exporting. What support is available and how do businesses access it? How will they meet the challenges reported in the first panel debate? And how can more Lancashire businesses gain access to markets such as India and China?


We’ll conclude the morning with a final panel to assess the key points and what the calls to action are to ensure health and wellbeing success.

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