LABGC are Pulling Together businesses and youth groups to raise funds to support young people across Lancashire

March 28, 2019 - 8:00am

LABGC are Pulling Together businesses and youth groups to raise funds to support young people across Lancashire

Pulling Together:

We aim to provide young people with an exciting opportunity where they can Pull Together to engage in a unique challenge requiring team work, determination and willpower.

LABGC’s member youth groups from across Lancashire will be Pulling Together teams of 12 young people aged 11-16 to participate in our Charity Truck Pull Challenge.

All teams will pull a 12 ton truck over a distance of 25 metres. Truck pulling techniques will be in line with the tug of war association guidelines and all young people will have team training by fitness professionals.


Businesses and organisations will be Pulling Together teams of 6 adults to enter the Charity Truck Pull Challenge.

Businesses will compete against each other to win ‘Charity Truck Pull Champions 2019’.

All proceeds from the event will go straight back into the organisation to further our work in supporting the needs of young people across pan Lancashire.


About Us:

Lancashire Association of Boys and Girls Clubs (LABGC) are an infrastructure organisation established in 1934 as a registered charity to provide positive social development opportunities, new experiences and support to disadvantaged young people across Lancashire.

With a membership of over 100 youth clubs and groups operating in some of the most deprived communities in the county we exist solely on charitable income from external funding sources, donations and fundraising initiatives.

Young People at Risk:

There have never been so many complex issues affecting young people’s lives as there are in today’s society, yet funding and services to support their needs have been drastically reduced.

Peer pressure, negative peer influence, drugs and alcohol, dysfunctional family life, poverty, deprivation, crime, poor mental health, low school attainment, low confidence and self-esteem, depression, limited employment prospects, exploitation and radicalisation together with a massive reduction in funding and support services over the past 10 yrs. has severely impacted on young people’s positive social development leaving young people far more vulnerable and at risk than ever before and therefore more susceptible to engagement in negative behaviours.

The past few years have seen a reduction in over £2 million to young people’s services across Lancashire with over 74 local authority clubs and projects closing. The voluntary / charitable sector has been hit hard with a reduction in local authority grants, support services, training and opportunities for funding, with countless clubs and projects closing due to lack of funds.

Despite the economic impact LABGC are determined to continue to provide a diverse and exiting range of personal social development opportunities, activities, challenges and events specifically aimed at inspiring young people and enabling them to realise their potential. We hope that by taking part in this tremendous challenge we can provide a unique opportunity for young people to feel a sense of achievement, self-worth and accomplishment and demonstrate that with the right frame of mind they can surpass their own and others expectations.

While the country is being Pulled Apart – Young People are Pulling Together

Support Us?

If you would like to support this event, attend on the day or learn more about how you can support our association and how we support young people; please contact;

Louise Woodall | Event Co-ordinator| E: | T: 01524 65106