Lancaster Antiques Centre on TV - Wednesday 6th June

May 31, 2018 - 8:00am

Lancaster Antiques Centre on TV - Wednesday 6th June

Following on from the press release a couple of weeks ago, there has been confirmation that the episode of Salvage Hunters featuring Lancaster’s GB Antiques Centre will be aired next week.

Last month the team spent a whole day filming at the centre to see what hidden gems they could discover. Presenters Drew and Tee picked out things they wouldn’t normally buy and were guided around the centre by owner Allan Blackburn and his son, Jimmy.

It’s a closely-guarded secret what the team bought, as the items went back to be researched and restored, before being put on sale to premium collectors, but we’ll get to see all of this when the show goes out on Wednesday 6th June. It is on the Quest Channel at 9pm.

Allan said “We loved welcoming the team to the centre for the first time and I’m looking forward to watching, to see what prices our pieces fetched. I’ve not been allowed to say much about what happened on the day, so it will be good to chat about it after it’s aired!”