Lancaster BID Welcomes Change

May 18, 2017 - 9:00am

Lancaster BID Welcomes Change

Lancaster BID has recently welcomed a number of new Board Members, following a recruitment drive on to both its Management Board and Sub Groups. This change has also spurred internal changes, including a new Finance & Strategy Sub Group.

And that’s not the only change. After a very successful first year of being established as a company limited by guarantee, Lancaster BID is in the process of recruiting a part-time Marketing & Events Assistant to complete it’s small team. The newly appointed role will bring the Lancaster BID staffing team back up to the 2014 staffing levels of two full time employees. Lancaster BID currently employs BID Manager Rachael Wilkinson full time and BID Development Manager Tom Fyson on a part-time basis.

These changes have come following a strategic review of Lancaster BID, as the company reaches its half-way point, in an eight year programme of making Lancaster a better place to live, work, invest and do business in. The strategic review was initiated by Board member Neil Townsend, CEO of Cancer Care, who saw an opportunity for Lancaster BID to reflect on the previous four years, in order to help the company focus on its future objectives.

As part of the strategic company review, Vice Chair Siân Johnson began the process of sourcing and reviewing data from external sources and Levy paying businesses, which allowed Lancaster BID to benchmark Lancaster against other retail centres in the North of England. Through this work, Lancaster BID found that Lancaster, as a retail centre, performed well in comparison with 26 benchmark towns - in fact it is ‘top of the league’.

Lancaster BID Vice Chair Siân Johnson said: “It’s been challenging but intriguing working as a volunteer with fellow Board members of Lancaster BID. I have enjoyed bringing my business analysis, governance expertise and economic regeneration experience to

Lancaster BID and helping the Board and its staff grow into an effective team supporting Lancaster businesses”.

Lancaster BID will hold its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday 12th July, after being set up as a company, limited by guarantee, in April 2016. The AGM will see some key personnel of Lancaster BID step down from their active roles, including Vice Chair Siân Johnson.

Siân Johnson said: “Now that we have the new structure and change of direction I feel, after four years, that the time has now come for me to step down at the AGM in order to support other activities.”

Lancaster BID Chair Paul Cusimano said: “I am very grateful to Siân for all her hard work this Spring. Not only has she helped us to recruit four great new board members but she has also helped us to find out things we previously did not know, which has enabled us to continue to deploy Levy Payers’ funding effectively.”