September 10, 2019 - 9:45am


Local older people’s charity Age UK Lancashire have launched a campaign to let people know they are a local and independent charity, with a vision to support older people in the county to live independently giving them choice and control over their lives.

Last year the charity supported 31,179 older people and their carers living in Lancashire.  The charity provides many different services to meet the needs of our local older population including; supporting people home from hospital, providing access to social groups and supporting people with dementia.

Teri Stephenson, Chief Executive of Age UK Lancashire said: “The campaign is really important to distinguish us as a charity in our own right.  Whilst we carry the same branding as the national Age UK, we are independent and self-sufficient, meaning we must raise our own funds to allow us to provide services.  We know the confusion around ourselves and other older people’s charities but by shouting from the roof top that we are Loyal to Lancashire, we hope local people will get behind our cause”.

The charities work reaches beyond providing services and also focusses on being a voice for older people, through the campaigning work they do.  Recent examples have been helping to influence changes to the social care act, raising awareness of loneliness and most recently being part of the campaign to challenge the TV Licencing decision for people over 75.

Teri Stephenson added: “Everything we do is for the people of Lancashire from providing vital services, being there to support families and campaigning for change at a local and national level.  We want people to know that we are there for them, their families, friends and neighbours when they need us”.

Age UK Lancashire also has nine charity shops located throughout the county and is urging people to look out for the Lancashire logo when making donations of clothing or unwanted items.  Donating and shopping in the Age UK Lancashire local shops ensures that 100% of the money received and raised stays in Lancashire to directly support the charities work.  A visit to the charities website www.ageuklancs.org.uk provides the opportunity to learn about all of the charities work for local older people and the various ways in which they have helped people in difficult situations.  There are also details on ways to support whether it is through individual fundraising, leaving a legacy gift or encouraging local businesses to get involved.

Teri Stephenson added: “We are really proud of the vital work we do in Lancashire and the positive impact we have on so many individuals and families.  Supporting us locally in whatever way people can and being Loyal to Lancashire will ensure we continue to make Lancashire a great place to grow old”.

For information on services, ways to support, including volunteering and the campaigning work Age UK Lancashire do, visit www.ageuklancs.org.uk call 0300 303 1234 or pop in to a local charity shop or drop in centre.