MOORISH - New Chamber Members

May 14, 2018 - 8:00am

MOORISH - New Chamber Members

IN MOORISH, Lancaster’s freshest Deli, you can grab delicious food packed with fresh ingredients to satisfy even the most demanding of connoisseur.

Owner, Calvin, has created a broad range of sandwiches and meals, which include baked in shop Italian rolls, baguettes, quesadillas and wraps, as well as crunchy salad boxes all bespoke and handmade to order.

Situated on Moor Lane, one of the first things that strikes you upon entering the shop is the quirky menu system which uses pop-culture icons, like Ferris Bueller and Holly Golightly, as the names of the products. Calvin said: “I really wanted to offer a range of food which would have the widest appeal; so, for vegetarians we have the ‘Sometimes I’m a Vegetarian’ – grilled aubergine, mushrooms and mozzarella, and for the devout carnivore we have the ‘Tony Soprano’ – Salami Milano, Pepperoni, ham & mozzarella, there is even 'The Kitchen Sink' for those who want it all! If you really can't decide, just choose your own fillings and then either sit down and enjoy, or take away and feast.

“The ethos of the business is based around preparing as much of our food as possible from scratch, and utilising the best ingredients. For example we bake our own Italian style hearty rolls made with Canadian Manitoba flour and extra virgin olive oil with oregano, our Reuben style deli beef is cured in house with a selection of herbs, and our in-house made honey mustard ham is sliced off the joint.”

Moorish is open from 10.45am Monday to Saturday and welcomes office orders