Morecambe BID sponsors “Welcome to Morecambe” signs

September 07, 2017 - 9:00am

Morecambe BID sponsors “Welcome to Morecambe” signs

Morecambe BID is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring Lancaster City Council’s new “Welcome to Morecambe” signs that are situated on the Shrimp Roundabout on Morecambe Road, and at the Venus and Cupid sculpture coming in from the north at Hest Bank on Marine Road.

The new signs have been designed to reflect some of the many healthy and low-cost activities that are available to pursue around Morecambe, and on Morecambe Bay. The have also been fashioned to emulate the Morecambe Bay branding that was developed to help promote Morecambe Bay as a unique tourist destination.

John O’Neill, Morecambe BID manager, said: “Whilst signage mightn’t seem an important investment to some, it is vital to the economic and cultural growth of a town. We have been working with the council this year on more town signage, and are developing the priority areas for future signage.

“According to my rather non-scientific analysis, by looking at Google Maps, Morecambe is closest and most easily accessible seaside resort to any motorway in UK, let alone the North West. Since the Bay Gateway opened late last year Bay Gateway it is approximately a ten-minute drive from the M6 to the heart of Morecambe. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Morecambe has been busier this year than for a long time.

”We have had more festivals and events this year than a long time, and still more to come. The new Morecambe Music Festival packed the town for the weekend, the One Man Band Shebang was very quirky and lots of fun, and Vintage Festival and the new Morecambe Fringe is still to come. Of course, we recently saw the Morecambe Carnival bring record numbers of visitors to the town and a great injection to the local economy.”

Presently Morecambe BID is working on a year-end event, something that has been missing from the calendar in recent years. Details will follow but it should be quite enlightening.