Morecambe Neighbourhood Plan – Have your say

January 09, 2019 - 9:00am

Morecambe Neighbourhood Plan – Have your say

Morecambe Neighbourhood Plan consultation in conjunction with Morecambe Town Council (MTC).

Which buildings/open spaces are important to you? Do you agree with the suggestion for preserving them?

A list of places in Morecambe has been put together that Morecambe Town Council aims to include in a draft neighbourhood plan for Morecambe.

Why is this being done?

A Neighbourhood Plan is being driven forward by a Steering Group consisting of community members, businesses, and town councillors.

Right now, the council is actively developing a draft plan.

To finalise the policies for the draft plan, they now run this consultation to obtain feedback on our work so far.

Your participation is essential to ensure that MTC gets the right plan for our town and this is your opportunity to have a say in the future of it.

What will happen after this Consultation?

By responding to the locations in this campaign and answering the questions in this consultation, you help the Steering Group in formulating a draft Plan that further reflects the various views of our community.

If you like to receive updates, just leave us your email after making your responses.

What is the Morecambe Neighbourhood Plan?

The Neighbourhood Plan is an exciting opportunity for our whole community to help shape the future of our town to make Morecambe a better place to live, work and visit. If adopted, the plan will become part of the Development Plan for the Lancaster District, and Lancaster City Council will have to consider it when making planning decisions.

The type of issues covered could include things like:

Protecting the heritage of Morecambe and its buildings

Improved management of houses in multiple occupation

Local design issues

Protection and enhancement of Morecambe’s greenspace

Improved management of Morecambe’s empty properties to enhance their appearance and encourage bringing them back into appropriate forms of use

Proposals for the development and use of key sites in the town.

Note that a Neighbourhood Plan cannot be used to stop development; however, it allows us to decide where new developments should happen and what they should look like.

Please respond here….