New graphic design agency, Utter Creatives

August 25, 2016 - 10:00am

New graphic design agency (who specialise in branding) Utter Creatives, have just finished working on a contract they where commissioned for by national company SMARTprepay™. SMARTprepay are the new way to top up smart meters; which are now being installed in every home in Great Britain up until 2020 when the government programme completes. This means you will be seeing their designs up and down the country very soon! The idea behind the visual identity was to give the impression of a digital signal (to represent when a customer tops up - a digital signal is sent to their smart meter). Here’s what the client had to say - 
“We approached Dee at Utter Creatives after she was recommended to us by a mutual business contact.  We were getting ready to launch SMARTprepay™, a new national brand which is destined to be instantly recognisable, so we needed branding that would not only stand out, but something that could be delivered to a tight deadline. Dee took the time to really get to know us and our brand needs before going away and creating some options for us. We were blown away with what she came back with. The SMARTprepay™ brand is exactly what we were hoping for, and everyone who sees it comments on how great it is. The success of the branding project meant that we were happy for Utter Creatives to go ahead and design the SMARTprepay™ website and other materials, which we love.”
“I don’t know how many potential clients are out there that don’t know what they want until they see it (and therefore give extremely vague briefs) but I was very impressed with how calm and patient she was until we got to the final masterpiece”
William Wilson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SMARTprepay™
Dee launched Utter Creatives Ltd in January after a successful two years freelancing under Dee Hinksman Design.  The aim of Utter Creatives is not just to make eye catching designs, but to help educate business owners about the importance of branding within their marketing materials, and why branding is not just a logo.  
You can find out more about what Utter Creatives do on their website