North Lancs Expo – Let’s get started!

May 17, 2017 - 9:00am

North Lancs Expo – Let’s get started!

Last week we proudly announced the launch of the North Lancs Expo, a first for the region, especially in the way it is structured which we believe is unique for most Expos.

Hopefully you will be deciding whether to exhibit, or even sponsor. Either way we believe it will be extremely worthwhile given the exposure the Expo is guaranteed to bring.

One thing that might be intriguing you is the format of the days and how you should tailor your offering and staffing if you are exhibiting. We would suggest you think of future and present. Even if you can’t see the benefit of the Sunday immediately, the day will be themed “Present, future” so the children, youth and families visiting on the Sunday may be your future customers and employees in the future. The area suffers a skills retention problem anyway so let’s get them when they are young and show them the exciting industries the district has to offer.

Your sales staff might not see the value of the Sunday so why not send along your HR staff or Administration staff? Also, don’t forget the parents might be potential customers or work for companies who could be. The Sunday might be the only time they can visit.

In addition, we will be having interactive activities and talks designed for the Sunday. One of the Sunday workshops is “Social Media for Parents”. So, get your thinking caps on.