Nublue Launch New Lincrusta Ecommerce Website

May 18, 2017 - 9:00am

Nublue Launch New Lincrusta Ecommerce Website

After a busy first quarter in 2017, things are continuing well for Lancaster based ecommerce agency, Nublue. New product launches, exciting client wins and the launch of plenty of new websites.

One of these exciting new launches comes in the form of a brand-new website for textured wallcoverings manufacturer Lincrusta.

Lincrusta have been producing high end, stylish wallcoverings since 1877 and have gone from national success to a globally desired product since. The skill and craft that go into creating Lincrusta’s wallcoverings create a beautiful, unique and durable finished product that remains unsurpassed for their deeper emboss, exquisite detail and enduring strength. Originally manufactured in Sunbury-on-Thames, production moved to Lancashire in 1918 and is now found in Lancaster meaning the partnership between business and developers is a very local affair.

Nublue’s MD Michael Ashworth had this to say about the relevance of the location: ‘Whilst we work with clients throughout the UK and market ourselves accordingly, we do make considerable effort to contribute to the reputation of Lancaster as a thriving commercial city and great place to do business. It’s fantastic to be able to work with a company like Lincrusta who are such a brilliant success story in the area both today and historically.’

Lincrusta came to Nublue to help them create a website that fulfils two important briefs; the first, to modernise the company’s online presence and bring it in line with its contemporary and stylish brand and product. The second was to create a more eCommerce focused design of site, replacing the old site which served mainly as a catalogue for customers rather than a place to easily purchase products. Matt Hutchinson, Head of Agency at Nublue gave us some insight, ‘The key here was to bring this fantastic product to life. Of course, we need to focus on customer journey and creating a site that is built to drive conversion, that’s what we specialise in after all but the focus here was also to showcase this great product in a way that the old site wasn’t managing to.’

Nublue achieved these ambitions by using a fresh, modern design. Large images of the products in situ, as opposed to flat, generic product photography give the product life on the page and allow visitors to really appreciate the scope of the wallcoverings versatility and unique look. Alongside this front-end wow-factor, Nublue have implemented a complex and custom built checkout system, that can intelligently and automatically locate the user’s nearest store using Google maps.

The finished project officially launched at the end of January and the results have been met extremely positively by everyone involved, ‘It’s a project we’re very proud of’ states MD Michael Ashworth ‘The team here always endeavour to produce the best possible results and are constantly surprising me with just how high the quality of work they produce is’.