Simple pleasures around the Bay - Steve Wood

July 28, 2020 - 12:00pm

Simple pleasures around the Bay - Steve Wood

A Chamber chat not in the first week in January! A new experience for me!  I normally bang on about the start of the New Year and my positivity for the year ahead however; we are now in a different place and time. Happy belated birthday to Alistair Eagles by the way, he didn’t seem that crushed by turning 50!

For the last 3 months I’ve worked at home,  I’m in the fortunate position that the job I do means I don’t need to be at an office, and we’re geared up for remote working.  I save a 100-mile commute, and two and half hours on the motorway every day so I am not complaining.

However not all of us are in the same position, and questions about everyone’s working futures abound, but whoa!!! I hear everyone scream - we’re bored with Covid, we’ve heard it all before and its summer holiday time!

This brings me to where I am now, on holiday in the South Lakes.  Great if you can get abroad but we’ve decided to stay in the UK this summer. It’s the first time we’ve been anywhere since Christmas and what were once familiar things are now different; the shopping experience, the dining experience and the new etiquette of socialising, I must say how impressed I am with the local businesses and the people we have encountered in and around Morecambe Bay. 

We’ve all had to adapt and invest in the new “normal”, thank you to the shops and businesses, the odd restaurant we’ve been to, but most of all the consideration by everyone we’ve experienced since we escaped the house last week.

Still challenging times lie ahead, but if we stay focused, do our best for everyone, we’ll be back to normal before we know it.