Skills and Employment Lancashire's Response - 20th July 2020

July 27, 2020 - 10:30am

Skills and Employment Lancashire's Response - 20th July 2020

Thank you for those who were able to attend the Skills and Employment Lancashire's Response webinar on Monday 20 July, your attendance and contributions were welcomed and appreciated.

As promised please find attached the slides presented at the session and the following:

We received positive comments about how useful the session was and requests to make this a regular event. We are proposing that we meet every couple of weeks in August and then monthly after that – this will be reviewed regularly to ensure it is continuing to be of use to everyone.

Taking on board comments at the session we would like the following to be on the agenda at the next meeting (date to be confirmed):

  • Data, particularly by Local Authority, furloughed, claimants, and if possible on vacancies and health and wellbeing
  • DWP update from colleagues – how to work together on initiatives, such as Kick Start - to be arranged
  • Updates from partners work
  • Working together – coordination and communication, including one pagers and FAQ to support working with businesses

Action: Let us know if you have an update you would like to give at the next session which will be held mid-August. (date to be confirmed).

During the event we asked a number of questions, and if you did not have time to reply in the event we would welcome your thoughts on the following:-

  1. Are you aware of any local initiatives that are complementary to the discussions?
  2. Please add any offers of support or any requests for support onto our Skills Swap system.
  3. Would it be possible to add the site to your website?
  4. Can you refer people to the
  5. Can you please share local intelligence where possible – recruitment opportunities, redundancies?