Spring Clean On A City Scale

April 12, 2018 - 9:00am

Spring Clean On A City Scale

The Lancaster BID team were recently joined by city centre businesses, to give the city centre a spring clean!

With gloves on and litter pickers in hand they set to work clearing litter from many of the side streets and ginnels around Market Square, as well as on Church Street and Great John Street. Representatives from Marks & Spencer, Wilkos and Castlegate Security came out to join in with this important campaign.

Lancaster BID Manager, Rachael Wilkinson said: “We were really pleased to see that levels of litter in the city centre were very low. We fund an additional cleansing operative all year round, and it’s good to see the rewards from our effort to enhance the cleansing in the city centre. What did become clear however, were the many pieces of small litter on the floor, including chewing gum and cigarette ends. People often don’t associate these items as ‘litter’ but they are actually the biggest source of littering in Lancaster city centre.”

Lancaster BID also recently funded a team of Gum Zappers, who removed over 5,000 square meters of chewing gum from the main pedestrian area in the city centre.

This extra effort was part Keep Britain Tidy’s annual ‘Great British Spring Clean’ Campaign which saw volunteers across the UK team up to tidy streets, parks and other public spaces.

Both Lancaster shopping centres, Marketgate and St.Nics also play a crucial part in tackling litter all year round. With a team of cleansers at each centre, who keep on top of litter, chewing gum and buffing the floors of their centres, keeping them clean and appealing all year round. Lancaster City Council’s cleansing team also do a sterling job of keeping the city centre streets free of litter as well as power washing the paving and removing graffiti from the city centres walls.

Rachael continued: “It’s great to have campaigns like the Great British Spring Clean to get everyone to focus on a common goal, but it is also important to remember the aims of the campaign all year round. A little effort by all, really does go a long way. We hope that the campaign helped restore pride in the city centre and that we will encourage visitors, residents, employees and businesses to do their part, by using litter bins provided.”

Lancaster BID are always looking to improve the city centre. In the last four weeks alone, Lancaster BID staff have reported around 100 ‘faults’ in the city centre. These faults can include anything from bin bags on the street, overflowing bins, broken paving, litter grot spots, broken light bulbs and graffiti. If you have a problem area, in Lancaster city centre, which you would like to highlight to the BID team, please contact them on info@lancasterbid.org or visit www.lancasterbid.org