Steady as you go!

July 04, 2018 - 8:00am

Steady as you go!

I want everyone out there to just give me a bunch of money for no reason, how about it? No! Why not? Many SMEs are doing just that with the utility companies, either burning fists full of hard won cash or pouring it down the drain by the sack load. Bad for business and the environment.
Yes you can save a few bob keep switching suppliers but really that’s just putting a sticking plaster over a haemorrhaging wound in many cases. What you could be doing is embedding sustainable practices into your business that will bring a variety of ongoing rewards and benefits for years to come, advantages beyond just saving a pile of money.

You probably already do some things either knowingly because it’s the responsible thing to do or just as a matter of good business sense. You can build on this and you can do it to varying extents to suit your business and in a controlled (by you) ‘step-change’ way, so not all at once. However, when you start to recognise just how good this actually is for your business…and more often than not just how good it feels to be doing it, the chances are that you’ll want to do more and do it quicker.
FULL TILT or STEADY AS YOU GO! The absolute ultimate, the Rolls Royce of business sustainability, is ISO 14001 accreditation which we can do with you, but let’s park the Roller for now and grab the keys for the Smart Car first.

Anything and everything you do, as long as it’s formalised and documented, would underpin ISO 14001 at a later date if you want to go there, but for an SME a 14001 ‘lite’ can still achieve great things for you. Larger companies are increasingly seeking credible green credentials in their tender documents and consumers are demanding greater ethical transparency these days. Blue Planet II made 2018 the year that environmental responsibility went mainstream.

Oakstone is offering a FREE, no obligation initial chat and if you want to go forward with an environmental review a 20% discount starter package. We can drive the Smart Car for you, or sit beside you as your navigator for the trickier stretches, identify wins you may be missing, spot new potential markets, advise you on risk management and more. The important bit is to set off on the journey. Now where’s the key? Ah, here it is