Theatre Company Calls A Truce

June 28, 2018 - 8:00am

Theatre Company Calls A Truce

The centenary of World War One inspired the latest production by The Dukes theatre company for adults with additional needs.
Redbananallama were fascinated by the 1914 Christmas Day truce because they all know what it’s like to feel nervous and even scared when meeting people for the first time.

Their performance, entitled The Calm After The Storm, told a story about new friendships and overcoming differences.

They explored what it’s like to meet new people knowing that they probably don’t speak the same language and how it would feel to be so far away from home.

The Calm After The Storm was performed at The Dukes Centre for Creative Learning which is where Redbananallama meet each week.

They have opportunities to try music, poetry, comedy, magic, dance, mime, illustration and singing during the sessions some of which lead to Redbananallama participants hosting and performing their own social evenings in and around the Lancaster area.