Transport Operator Compliance Services

May 04, 2017 - 9:00am

Transport Operator Compliance Services

Traffic Law Solutions Ltd has now been in operation for six years since Dave Collins and Neil Lever retired from the highly regarded Lancashire Police and North West Motorway Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit.

Since that time, they have worked and still work with, some of the best Transport Lawyers in the UK. They conduct Transport Operator Compliance Reviews/Audits, many of which are at the request of HM Traffic Commissioners. These Audits differ from many other Audits in that the Auditors don't just tell you what you already know, they can put things in place to protect Operators and Managers and resolve problems moving forward.

If you are called to a Public Inquiry, don't wait for the day to arrive, you need to act as soon as possible and demonstrate that you have identified problems and are rectifying them with a series of solutions. Traffic Law Solutions deal with Public Inquiry briefs, attend Public Inquiries, Court Appearances and scrutinise Prosecutions and Graduated Fixed Penalties. Also, they provide Driver Hours Analysis investigations and can provide applications and systems for both Driver Hours and Maintenance matters.

Having worked as, and with, Enforcement Agencies, they have a very keen eye in all compliance areas and are able to approach it from the “Enforcers” viewpoint and understand what the DVSA and DVA expect.

They have just completed their 40th, two and three day Transport Manager Refresher Courses, often at direction of HM Traffic Commissioners, with continuously outstanding feedback, and conduct Legislative DCPC as an approved JAUPT DCPC Training Centre No. AC01655

They are very pro-active and stick with you throughout the whole process and are always available to their clients in the future and always in the strictest of confidence.

They are local to the new Morecambe Bay Gateway in North Lancashire and have clients both in haulage and passenger transport throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other parts of Europe. They also have experience in assisting Northern Ireland Operators in gaining a GB Operator Licence and working with Local Authorities.

Clearly often, in certain cases, they will advise you to speak to a reputable Transport Solicitor and, by working with the top legal minds, they can point you in the right direction, first time.