Travel Students Prepared By Jet2 Staff

April 05, 2018 - 8:00am

Travel Students Prepared By Jet2 Staff

Former student, Dayna Cannon returns to LMC.

Former Travel & Tourism student, Dayna Cannon took a break from flying around the world to return to her old college to help bring on the new flock of aspiring cabin crew.

Dayna spent the day offering 1-2-1 mock interviews for UK-based airlines, and shared vital information with the group. Whilst sharing her experiences, she spoke of the importance of maths and English, provided hints and tips, and explained that acquiring a part time job in hospitality and catering will help with customer service experience when applying for airlines. She concluded with some words of advice, “Trust me, everything you learn at college is relevant in the industry. There’s so much I used from my course in my exams and in training.”

17 year old Asena Bara, from Carnforth said, “It was a really valuable experience. Dayna gave us a real insight into what the interview process with an airline will be like. I appreciated the constructive feedback and this will help me develop my personal and professional skills for a real interview when I complete my course.”

Dayna spent two years at Lancaster & Morecambe College on the Travel & Tourism Level 2 and Air Cabin Crew Level 2 courses. Before the completion of her second course, she had secured a tourism job: in America. She moved to the US to work for Camp America as a councillor, before returning to the UK to join Dayna told the group, “I’m really enjoying my cabin crew role. There have been so many new places I’ve been to, which I wouldn’t have experienced had I not joined the cabin crew course.”