Voices from across the Borders

June 22, 2017 - 12:00pm

Voices from across the Borders

Dear fellow member,

Lancaster is now home to over 120 Refugees and Asylum Seekers with another 10 families due to arrive in July 2017. They are comprised of single men, women and 14 families. They have all fled their home countries and made their journeys across Europe and have been arriving in Lancaster since 2015.

Global Link is hosting a photographic exhibition ‘Voices from across the Borders’ on the 4th July at 6:30pm at The Library during an extended Refugee week, to celebrate their arrival and settlement in Lancaster, and to encourage further inclusion, integration and open discussions.

Through this initiative we are hoping to breakdown any remaining negative narrative that exists about refugees and asylum seekers and help identify them as individuals.

As members of the Chamber of Commerce you have a bigger voice in the community than many others and have the opportunity to provide tangible support to those who have gained Leave to Remain and are therefore legally able to work. Until they gain Leave to Remain Asylum Seekers can only work voluntarily. You personally can make a difference.

That support can range from voluntary work to shadowing opportunities, visits to your places of work and ultimately jobs. Refugees are unfamiliar with our working culture and don’t have a network to help them so they need a helping hand. What I can promise you are individuals who are humble, extremely grateful for the warm welcome they have received since their arrival who have a genuine desire to contribute to our society.

I’m a professional Career Coach and HR Consultant and I run a voluntary surgery each week to help Refugees access work. To date we have 3 in full time employment; one part-time, and several men doing casual work. In addition many are also doing voluntary work. There are currently 12 refugees with Leave to Remain. Their skill sets inevitably vary.

I do hope some of you will be able to come along to the event on the 4th July and meet some of our refugees, volunteers and professionals involved in the support process. Donations towards the cost of the exhibition would be very welcome, however small.

Please accept this article as your formal invitation, and if you would like any further information please do contact me.
Anne Baker
Please rsvp: annevbaker@btinternet.com
07803 936 682