Volunteer Achievement Awards 2021 - A Celebration

April 26, 2021 - 12:00am

Volunteer Achievement Awards 2021 - A Celebration

Have you sent CVS your nomination form for this year's Volunteer Achievement Awards event yet? Everything you need to know about this year's Awards is below, so what are you waiting for?!

When is it?

The event will take place on Thursday 3rd June, at 5 pm (during National Volunteer’s Week) via Zoom.

What is the Volunteer Achievement Awards?

It is a chance to recognise, thank, and celebrate people who have worked so hard to support so many during the pandemic. It will be an online event, so quite different from their usual volunteer awards ceremony. You can line up your snacks and your drinks and join them for an hour or so of inspiring stories.

What Do I Need to Do?

First off, save the date! Booking will be available soon.

Next, CVS need you to nominate – tell us who you’d like to thank. Everyone nominated will receive a certificate of recognition (any groups or teams nominated will receive one certificate for the group/team). This year, there won’t be individual categories, and we won’t be having ‘winners’ either. This is an opportunity to just be together and celebrate!

Tell CVS the individuals and teams that you want to recognise for their work. Who are they? How did they get involved? What have they done? Crucially, how have they made a difference?

They’ve created a form with a few simple questions to guide you. You can access it HERE. Give them as much detail as you can. And remember, there’s no competition, this is a celebration, everyone wins.

You will have until Friday 7th May to get your nominations in. Once they have received your nomination, we will contact you about photographs and possibly video so that they can put together a presentation for the event.

They are really looking forward to receiving your nominations!

Who Can Be Nominated?

Anyone. Literally anyone who has done something to help their community during the last 12 months, whether it is related to the pandemic or not. No age restrictions, no number restrictions. It might be your own organisation’s volunteers, it might be a neighbour who helped you or a family member or a friend, it might be a child, or a whole class of children.

Who Can Nominate?

Again, anyone! You don’t need to be an employee of an organisation, you don’t need to be a manager, you don’t need to be a volunteer supervisor or coordinator. You just have to be someone who thinks that someone else has done something that deserves to be celebrated.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark by email at awards@lancastercvs.org.uk or call 01524 555900 and press 3.