Why I chose private Physiotherapy – personal testimonial by Mark Arthur.

October 26, 2017 - 12:00pm

Why I chose private Physiotherapy – personal testimonial by Mark Arthur.

Naturally, my first thought when considering physiotherapy wasn’t to become stronger or better than before. It was to stop the pain I was feeling in my back first and foremost. But, having discussed my recovery during my assessment, I found that with the complete guidance of the experts, they weren’t only able to stop my pain, but they were able to help me ensure it wouldn’t happen again and that I felt stronger than before.

I doubt I am not alone in thinking beforehand either that the pain I am in will no doubt disappear eventually, and that I will spend my hard earned money on something materialistic. How wrong could I be?! Like many of us, I learned the hard way. As a sports enthusiast, I often find myself in the gym or partaking in some form of physical activity – continuing this form throughout my injury was a huge mistake, and one that I would pay for, literally. The pain I was in increased and I ended up doing more damage in the long run.

Not before long, I found myself side-lined from physical activity and in a considerable amount of pain. I came up with as many reasons as I could that meant I wouldn’t have to pay for physiotherapy, but then I couldn’t think of any reasons why I shouldn’t?

Our health, is the most important thing we have and believe it or not, we have some control – if not most of the control - over how healthy we are and how healthy we continue to be. I had already been down the NHS route for physiotherapy and found that I never quite gained what I wanted from it. I still suffered with injuries to my back and I must admit I never felt 100% confident in my back either.

So why bother paying for private physiotherapy treatment?

I decided to put my health first and invest in getting back to my best. I was recommended private treatment by a friend that attended my gym and I was assured that with the patience and commitment, not only would I be back to my best, but I could become better than before!

I booked myself in for an initial assessment at Physiofusion and within 60 minutes, I had never felt so confident in my recovery! Everything, from the way I stand to the way I held my bag was assessed. Their attention to detail was second to none, uncovering old injuries and bad habits. To be truthful, I was shocked at the condition my body was in physically, however, at no point during my treatment did I ever feel down or disillusioned with my recovery. In fact, the total opposite. I was given a recovery plan, targets to hit and goals to achieve.

Throughout my treatment, I was supported during appointments and also outside of them – even now, I have finished my course of treatment and they still check in on me! This is a level of care I just never found using NHS’ free services. The saying goes “you get what you pay for” and from a personal point of view, when it comes to physiotherapy at least, you most certainly do!
Valuing our health is one of the most important things we can do. It is amazing how less relevant everything else becomes once you find yourself constantly in pain, making even the simplest of tasks hard work.

I chose private physiotherapy and it was one of the best decisions I have made.

Mark Arthur.