Work trials give you time to decide

March 28, 2019 - 8:00am

Work trials give you time to decide

Does an interview always give you the right person?

Have you a possible candidate for the job, but are not sure if they can do the work?

Do you sometimes want more time before deciding whether to employ someone?

Then a work trial could help you.

An extra recruitment tool

Finding new staff who are right for your vacancies can sometimes be as much about your intuition as any recruitment process.

Someone with good references, a properly completed application form and good interview skills might still not fully show you how well they will manage the specific work you have in mind. They’ll also need to work well as part of your wider team.

You may not know for definite that you’ve chosen the right person until they have started work.

That’s why work trials can be so valuable. You will find out whether your potential employee is suited to the job and to your business.

Work trials will:

  • not cost you anything - we still pay the person’s benefit during the trial
  • give you time to delay making a final decision until you are sure that you have made the right choice
  • allow you a chance to test out an employee’s aptitude for the job
  • give you the opportunity to check whether the person fits in with your existing workforce, and
  • Save you time - you won’t have to fill in any tax and National Insurance paperwork until you are sure you have the right person.

If you have a vacancy, a work trial can help you find the right person

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