Young people risk being left behind in the jobs market, North West recruiter warns

May 24, 2021 - 12:00am

Young people risk being left behind in the jobs market, North West recruiter warns

Young people and new graduates risk being left behind in the jobs market due to the impact of Covid-19, a leading independent North West recruiter has warned.

Mandy Blackwell, who specialises in recruitment for businesses in north Lancashire and South Cumbria, says record numbers of redundancies caused by Covid-19 mean extra competition that is making it more challenging than ever for young people and new graduates to get their career off the ground.

With more than 800,000 jobs lost since the start of the pandemic, workers under 35 have felt the impact of lockdown restrictions most severely.

Mandy said: “In such a challenging jobs market, sending a generic CV to hundreds of employers is not going to get results.

“My advice to all job seekers is to choose the positions you wish to apply for carefully and invest time and effort into producing tailored applications that stand out.

“Preparing thoroughly for interviews and honing your interview skills means you’ll have the best chance of impressing a panel and receiving an offer.”

As well as working with applicants to help them find their ideal role, Mandy offers the ‘Five Steps to Work’ programme, an affordable online course created to help applicants stand out from the crowd.

Mandy said: “Young people are being hit hardest by the current uncertainty in the jobs market, and with competition for every position so high it really does make a difference if you’re well-prepared for the application and interview process.

“The Five Steps to Work programme is designed to equip job applicants with the essential skills they need while being practical and affordable.”

The five online modules start by helping jobseekers to understand their strengths and values in order to identify target employers and sectors. The programme continues by moving on to practical skills like CV writing, interview techniques and post-interview follow-ups.

Mandy said: “The thing I love about being a recruitment consultant is helping people to find their dream job and seeing them flourish in their careers.

“These are challenging times for anyone looking for a job, and especially for young people and new graduates. 

“Just like anything else, getting shortlisted for a job and making a great impression in an interview takes a set of skills that you can learn and develop. 

“No matter what stage you’re at in your career, there’s always room to learn and improve. Investing in yourself is always money well-spent.”

The ‘Five Steps to Work’ was developed by national recruitment agency Gordon Yates. The £50 online course takes around seven hours to complete, and there is the option to add additional one-to-one career coaching.

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