Your talent will make a difference

September 17, 2019 - 10:15am

Your talent will make a difference

Want to use your business experience and skills to help the community? Become a TRUSTEE with Eggcup.  You will have a visible impact and the experience will be creative and enriching.

Eggcup is a start-up organisation and this is an opportunity to get in early and shape their route to success.  Eggcup are a surplus food redistribution project set up to serve the Lancaster City Council district.  They have support from the City Council and the County Council and substantial grant funding. Their project utilises surplus food to redirect it to community groups where it is most needed.  Nationally, this is an expanding field and there is scope for innovation and commercial creativity to ensure that the work is financially self-sustaining as well as serving a social function.

If you’d just like to dip your toe in to find out a bit more then do get in touch. 

Email or call Deborah on 07709 546280