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Chamber Chat with Adam Hilton-Mason

In the heart of Lancashire at the bottom of the renowned Nicky Nook, best known for its tranquil walking routes, is the quaint village of Scorton. Here you can treat yourself to afternoon tea, browse the local garden centre and indulge in a range of ice-cream flavours which cater for vegans and dogs!

My wife grew up in the village and often regales me with stories of how her and her sisters could ride around the country lanes with no traffic or visitors. Of course this was back before it was the local beauty spot it is today!

It really is incredible the journey this village has gone through over the years.

Most remarkable about Scorton are the residents who are a close-knit community. Everyone is happy to help out with a smile and we have monthly community nights at the Church. Here locals get together and enjoy good food and drink and socialise whilst the children play the organ or participate in the crafts that are so kindly organised. Everyone is welcome and it is truly like being part of a larger family.

The reason I wanted to talk about this lovely village is to remind you in these troublesome times of War, Cost of living crisis and many personal tragedies, that communities like this exist, there are beautiful things in this world and it’s not all doom and gloom. I see too many articles about all the awful things happening in the world and not enough appreciation for the good things that exist.

I try to mirror these values in my day to day work to ensure that all stakeholders at Azets, whether that be employees or clients, feel like they are valued and part of an extended family that is always there to offer support when needed.

Adam Hilton-Mason is Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance at Azets. Azets are a Chamber Ambassador.