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Chamber Chat with Bob Hart

Media reports make Morecambe seem like Schrödinger’s seaside town

According to a story in a national newspaper a couple of weeks ago, Morecambe is ‘deserted’, ‘dreary’ and ‘past the point of no return’.

And yet somehow the town was absolutely heaving and full of energy at the weekend as visitors flocked to the promenade for the fantastic Baylight Festival.

The difference between what Morecambe is really like and the way it was portrayed based on a handful of negative TripAdvisor reviews is stark. 

It makes it seem like Schrödinger’s seaside town – bursting with activity, but simultaneously lifeless.

If you live, work, or do business in Morecambe and the surrounding area it’s clear to see that the town has so much going for it and exciting times ahead.

Morecambe is past the point of no return, and yet Eden Project is on the way and is expected to massively boost the economy of the town itself and the wider region.

It’s a development that will broaden the way Morecambe is seen by visitors – still a traditional seaside destination, but also the epicentre of some of the country’s most important landscapes and natural habitats.

Morecambe is past the point of no return, and yet only last year it was voted one of the coolest places to live in the UK thanks to its role on Netflix in ‘At Home with the Furys’.

Tyson and Paris Fury may be the stars of the show, but Morecambe plays a vital supporting role and no one watching could fail to be impressed by the stunning aerial shots of the town and the bay.

Morecambe is past the point of no return, and yet it’s packed throughout the year for various festivals and cultural events like Baylight, Vintage by the Sea, Morecambe Music Festival and more activities too numerous to mention here.

We recently renamed from ‘Lancaster & District’ to Lancaster & Morecambe Chamber of Commerce in recognition of the town’s bright future, massive potential, and clear role in the economic development of our region. 

Past the point of no return? I don’t think so. 

It’s time to stop paying attention to those who don’t have anything positive to say about Morecambe. It’s a seaside town that’s very much alive.

Bob Hart is Director of Rosebank PR & Communications. He is also a Director of Lancaster and Morecambe Chamber of Commerce.