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Chamber Chat with Richard Bowker

In recent weeks, Lancaster and Morecambe have been showcased on television through Rick Stein’s Food Stories and the Hairy Bikers Go West. These programmes highlighted our region’s rich culinary heritage, featuring local specialties such as the salt marsh lamb from Archers and the internationally acclaimed Morecambe Bay shrimps.

In the heart of the North West, our region stands as an example of timeless tradition and modern vibrancy. Here, history and the natural environment intertwine, creating a distinct narrative that defines our community. From the historic castles to the bustling markets, Lancaster and Morecambe is a story of continuity and innovation.

Our culinary scene is a testament to the natural bounty of our surroundings. The salt marsh lamb, renowned for its distinctive, herb-infused flavour, and the Morecambe Bay brown shrimps, a symbol of our maritime legacy, are just the beginning of what our region has to offer. These ingredients, cherished by chefs and locals alike, epitomise the unique characteristics of our local ecosystem.

The artisanal spirit of Lancaster and Morecambe is further embodied by our local producers, dairies and breweries. These establishments convert our region’s produce into an array of treats including coffee, ice cream, cheese, honey, and beers, to name a few, each with its own story, reflecting our community’s creative flair and commitment to craftsmanship.

Local farmers, often under appreciated, play a pivotal role in our culinary economy, providing the freshest ingredients under pinned by sustainable practices that forms the backbone of our local cuisine.

Our dynamic array of restaurant and cafes showcase our culinary diversity and excellence covering every taste you could wish for, Rick Stein and the two hairy blokes on motorbikes can’t be wrong.

Therefore, next time you are having an extra scoop or flake on your ice cream on the prom you can tell yourself that you are embracing our heritage and and playing a part in ensuring that Lancaster and Morecambe continues to thrive as a hub of culinary excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.

Richard Bowker is Managing Director at Chris Bowker Limited. Bowkers are Chamber Ambassadors.